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Dana 80 Differential

The Dana/Spicer Model 80 is an automotive axle used in OEM heavy duty applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford. It can be identified by its straight axle tubes, 10 bolt asymmetrical cover, and a "80" cast in to the housing. Dana 80's are made as full floating, rear axles only and are step up in overall strength compared to the Dana 70.

Ford was the first company to use the Dana 80; it is used mostly in trucks with dual rear wheels with the exception being some Dodge 2500's and select Ford F-350's. The Dana 80 has a gross weight rating up to 11,000 lbs, however it is common practice among manufacturers to derate Dana 80's. Gross axle weight ratings are lowered by the vehicle manufacturer for safety and tire reasons.


Dana Differential parts available include:
Axle Shafts, Cases, Limited Slips, Lockers, Nest Kits, Rebuild Kits, Rings & Pinions

    Dana 80 Specs
  • Ring gear measures 11.25"
  • 4" diameter axle tube
  • Inner axle shaft spline counts are 35 and 37
  • Pinion shaft diameter: 2.0"
  • Pinion shaft splines: 37
  • Axle Shaft diameter
    • 35 Spline: 1.50"
    • 37 Spline: 1.58"
  • Gearing Ratios: 3.31 to 5.38
    Compatible with Models

    Rear Axle

    • 1994-2002 3500
    • 1994-2002 2500 equipped with manual transmissions and Diesel or V10 engines

    • 1988-2011 F-350 DRW
    • 1988-2004 F-450
    • 2011 F-450

    • Various heavy duty commercial applications

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